Alex has experience with real estate transactions, business contracts and general construction law as related to insurance. In an effort to expedite cases, Alex tries to resolve matters with insurance companies before initiating litigation; however, Alex is prepared vigorously litigate insurance matters involving wrongful denial of coverage, bad faith issues, and violations of the Insurance Fair Conduct Act. 

Here are a few of Alex’s many successful cases:

Director and Officer Liability

When a claim is filed against a corporation, often their officers and directors are held liable. Alex once represented the officers and directors of a national nonprofit against multimillion dollar claims of fraudulent transfer and conversion made by the nonprofit’s parent corporation. Alex obtained full insurance coverage for indemnity and defense and successfully extracted his clients from litigation.

Good Fences Build Better Neighbors

Client needed to insert soil nails underneath neighboring property to shore up foundation of multi-million building—neighbor refused. Alex forced the neighbor to permit the use of soil nails after obtaining an extended litigation policy and purchasing easement from third party held in common with neighbor. The neighbor agreed to sell rights to place soil nails, saving client $1,000,000 in development costs.

Broker Liability

Alex represented a landlord who was denied coverage after a tenant destroyed the client’s property. Alex filed a claim against the insurance broker who failed to inform the client that they needed for purchase a vandalism endorsement. Alex successfully obtained 100% coverage and attorney fees for his client.