Alex has extensive experience with commercial practice, and has litigated disputes such as minority shareholder and derivative lawsuits, fraudulent transfer and conversion claims, breach of orchard leases, timber trespass, breach contracts, easement and nuisance disputes, negligent and defective construction claims, crop insurance matters, and bond and retainage lawsuits to name a few.


Mind Your “P”s, “Q”s and RPCs

Alex represented the Plaintiff in a corporate minority oppression suit seeking dissolution and return of patents and assets. He successfully disqualified litigation and patent counsels for representing corporation and individual directors, which led to a seven-figure settlement in favor of Client.

Golf Course Dispute

Alex represented a 50% corporate Owner in commercial deadlock. After filing motions to disqualify counsel and enjoin all property transfers, the other parties gave up and agreed to a seven-figure settlement in favor of Owner.

LLC Dispute

Alex represented a minority shareholder in a seven-figure breach of business expectancy lawsuit. He successfully obtained a seven-figure settlement in favor of Client.


Alex obtained an injunction preventing closure of mobile home park slated for development. This lead to resolution by mediation and a six-figure payment Alex’s clients.