Start Right

When forming a business, good legal representation is essential. We advise clients in establishing legal business identity, preparing adequate documentation, and assisting with the creation of bylaws, LLC operating agreements and  buy-sell/shareholder agreements.

Business Compliance

We provide agriculture-related clients with services needed to maintain state qualifications and up-to-date minute books.

Commercial Transaction

We handle all aspects of commercial sales, purchases, contracts and warranties.

Corporate Governance

We provide guidance on all areas of executive and board matters. Our corporate expertise allows us to advise business clients in many facets:

Advising directors, senior executives and controlling shareholders concerning their obligations, fiduciary duties, duty of care and/or business judgement rule.

Advising clients of their duty of fair dealing as it relates to transactions with the business entity and compensation, the use of material non-public information, and the taking of corporate opportunities and competition with the corporation or other business entity.

Advising on matters involving the management of the business.